Stringent quality control is a key component when NAPCO produces your packaging and presentation products.

Every product goes through a project management process. Each department follows a strict, established, step-by-step methodology. This ensures that every step in the process is in exact order for consistent, reliable, top of line quality.

What makes NAPCO different?

Through the use of audits, checklists, and work orders – up to 24 separate processes – we make sure the smallest details are carefully reviewed and controlled. NAPCO’s team produces optimal quality every time.

  • Start-up check lists for each operation
  • Audits on every process – what are the standards for this process
  • View ‘Position Vinyls’ for registration and acceptable variances
  • View sample for second or third evaluation
  • Continuous Evaluation
  • Heat, cold, and humidity tests of adhesive for various temperatures
  • 24 hour Review. Yes, we even have a process to check 24 hours after the product is complete to ensure its quality prior to delivery