Stearns and Foster

  • Decorative Elements: blind embossing, multi-level embossing, foil stamping

  • Oversized case required 8 passes through stamping presses

  • Metal rings, strap system, and friction lock to hold products securely


The customer originally sent in 40 vinyl pouches with two grommets on one end that held the different components of their products along with the following criteria: They wanted a sales presentation kit that would

  • Hold the vinyl pouches.

  • Be made with bonded leather to look like an old book.

  • Close with a friction lock.

There were three major hurdles; one was a means to hold the pouches; two, to keep the pouches in place when opening and closing the unit, and third, the outside cover was too large to run on conventional book manufacturing equipment.


The design and engineering group developed a construction that utilized two rigid boxes with two ring metals riveted into both the base and lid. To hold the pouches in place they made two straps from bonded leather with snaps that securely held the pouches in place. Then a rigid shoulder box was glued into the base, and this created the friction closure needed to keep it closed. This was then glued into the turned edge cover that required six passes in register through the foiling and embossing press to accomplish the decorative effect the customer required.


The finished product was a professional, unique sales presentation kit that accomplished every element the customer wanted. It comprises every functional need and was made out of bonded leather that, indeed, looks like quality books of the past. In addition, NAPCO saved the customer time and money by developing a way to produce the oversized product requiring only 3 passes through equipment instead of the usual 6.