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Box Sample Kit Fairborn Cement Company

Sales sample marketing kit used to hold brick grout samples.



  • 4-color Process Film Laminated
  • Magnetic Closures
  • Foam Insert
  • Printed inside liner

Sales Sample Box

This sample box has a unique, one of a kind design. Front flap drops down for easy removal of samples and closes with magnets.



  • Magnetic Flap Closure
  • 4-Color process litho printed
  • Gloss film laminated
  • Unique drop down flap opening

Sales Marketing Kit Volvo

Roll the red carpet for this unique design for Volvo. Red velvet lining with 4 color gloss lamination.



  • Custom size box with flap
  • Red velvet lining on inside
  • 4-color gloss film laminated

Matte Laminated Box with Flap Porche

Spot UV imprint on matte background give this box a minimalist and effective look.




  • Job# 2422
  • Foil stamped cover logo
  • Magnetic closure for flap
  • 2-piece construction design

Linen Book Cloth Box with Flap Clutch

Nice look and feel with linen style cloth cover material, with silver foil stamping.




  • Job# 2644
  • Custom size box with flap
  • Linen cloth cover material
  • Silver foil stamping

Sales Kit with Foam Insert Eastman

Whatever size and shape your product is, we can create an insert to hold it perfectly in place.




  • Job# 2159
  • 4-color process printing
  • Magnetic closure with flap
  • Foam die-cut cavities with paperboard overlay
  • Printed information sheet
  • Custom pocket

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