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Angle Box and Binder Sample Kit Daltile

Strength and versatility, make Turned Edge boxes and binders the perfect choice for sample kits for flooring and tile.



  • Set of 6 binders
  • Angle box custom size to hold binders
  • 4-color process printing
  • Gloss film lamination on box and binders

Box and Trays for Carpet Samples

This box with custom handle is heavy duty to hold carpet plug samples.



  • One color silk screen
  • Heavy duty handle
  • Custom trays for sample carpeting
  • Die cut thumb notches

Granite Sales Binder Sample Kit

Strength and versatility, make Turned Edge binders the perfect choice for showing off samples of granite.



  • Reference# 723612WO
  • 4-color process printing outside and inside

Turned Edge Surface Sample Portfolio Kommerling

Trifold designed to hold large amount of surface swatches, making this and effective sales tool.



  • Two color screen print with screen tints
  • Tri-fold design
  • Vacuum formed trays on inside

Turned Edge Grout Sample Kit Argos

How do you package tile grout? We found the perfect solution in this sample kit using metal channels.



  • Metal channels for sample grout
  • Foil stamp deboss on outside panel

Box Sample Kit Fairborn Cement Company

Sales sample marketing kit used to hold brick grout samples.



  • 4-color Process Film Laminated
  • Magnetic closures
  • Foam Insert
  • Printed inside liner

Surface Sample Kit Box TFL

Hardwood flooring samples are heavy and require a heavy duty kit. Take a look at our solution for TFL.



  • Flexible heavy duty handle
  • 4-color process film laminated
  • Magnetic closure
  • Individual inside compartments


  • One color silver on outside
  • UV varnish on inside
  • Pocket on inside lid
  • Two Piece Setup Box

Two Piece Set Up Box Divine Flooring

Two piece setup box for flooring samples.


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