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Prototypes | CAD Design

If you have envisioned a package design but just don’t know where to go to make it a reality, NAPCO can make it happen. Our product development and engineering team love and welcome a challenges. We are familiar with a wide range of material options, decorating methods and what works in production efficiently to keep cost down.

We will work with you at each step by providing initial drawings, ideas and concepts. We will also provide NAPCO’s “white samples” for you to check sizes, fit, and functionality. Finally, prior to final production, we can produce printed production quality prototypes that look and feel almost exactly like the final product. Your total satisfaction is our main focus and goal. 

Examples of Prototypes and White Samples

Take a look at a few examples below of our non decorated “White” samples, along with fully printed, decorated, and laminated samples that look and feel like the real production product.


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